Source Naturals Red Wine Extract W/Resveratrol 60Tabs 49%

Powerful Antioxidant Protection. Provides the heart-health benefits of red wine without the alcohol, sulfites, headaches or excess calories. Worldwide research has shown that the components of red wine, including polyphenols and anthocyanidins, support the cardiovascular system by promoting healthy blood flow and strengthening capillaries.Supports at least four of the dozen deep metabolic systems Source Naturals has identified as key to optimal well-being: circulation, antioxidant defense, inflammation response, and immunity.Resveratrol inhibits NF kappa-B, prostaglandin E-2, and the COX-2 enzyme, which are involved in cellular irritation. By stimulating SIRT genes, it mimics the healthy aging benefits of caloric restriction.

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Source Naturals Red Wine Extract W/Resveratrol 60Tabs 49% Review

Dad ordered two massage oils from this retailer. They were very good deals and were very quickly delivered to us even with standard shipping. We are very happy with this transaction.

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