S100 Finish Restorer,- 35 oz tube - 53-5107

S100 Finish Restorer will brighten and polish all the metal and metal plated surfaces on your bike,as well as remove minor swirls from paintwork and decloud plastic windscreens. There is no other product on the market that works equally well on such a variety of materials. This polish is gentle enough to use on your windscreen without scratching but tough enough to polish your tarnished or rusted metal to likenew condition.S100 Total Cycle Finish Restorer has no harsh ammonia smell and rubs off easier than most polishes. Use it on handlebars,exhaust pipes,fork tubes,windscreens,helmets,wheels,and black chrome engine components. It really does clean your Total Cycle

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S100 Finish Restorer,- 35 oz tube - 53-5107 Review

Great durability of the S100 products. I would buy S100 Finish Restorer,- 35 oz tube - 53-5107 again!

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