Omnitron Systems iConverter 8830N-2 T1/E1 Multiplexer

The iConverter 4xT1/E1 MUX/M multiplexes up to four T1/E1s and Ethernet onto a fiber optic transport link, and features configuration capabilities. The iConverter 4xT1/E1 MUX/M operates in a back-to-back configuration, with one multiplexer at each end of the fiber transport link. The 4xT1/E1 MUX/M can be used in applications where services from legacy TDM equipment require transport across long distances that exceed the reach or capacity of copper.The 4xT1/E1 MUX/M supports fixed-fiber and Small Form Pluggable (SFP) transceivers, enabling easy adaptability to different fiber types, distances and wavelengths. The 4xT1/E1 MUX/M supports multimode, single-mode, single-mode single-fiber, in standard and CWDM wavelengths.The copper interfaces feature four RJ-48 connectors for balanced T1/E1 applications. The 4xT1/E1 MUX/M features user-selectable local loop-back on both the copper and fiber ports, remote fiber loop-back and circuit test modes. These functions facilitate diagnosis of the remote unit, and minimize the need for test equipment and support personnel at each end of a link. Alarm relay and LEDs provide fault notification for loss of power, LOS and AIS.The 4xT1/E1 MUX/M is a compact, managed standalone unit available in both AC and DC models. The AC model accepts AC power input ranging from 100VAC to 240VAC, 50/60Hz, while the DC model accepts 18VDC to 60VDC. Omnitron Systems iConverter 8830N-2 T1/E1 Multiplexer is one of many Networking Transceivers & Converters available through Office Depot. Made by Omnitron Systems.

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Omnitron Systems iConverter 8830N-2 T1/E1 Multiplexer Review

I paid 2092.99 plus shipping for this wonderful Omnitron Systems iConverter 8830N-2 T1/E1 Multiplexer and I thinking buying one more for my uncle. I think he would use it even more than I do.

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