Marshall's Learn To Color Set

Merge painting techniques with photographic imagery Designed for professionals and amateurs in the photographic arts. Directly enhance your images by using hand-applied techniques on prints, film, transparencies, negatives and other surfaces. Self-blending colors can be intermixed and applied over each other, so you can create a diverse range of color combinations, from soft and muted to bold and intense. Glossy prints should be prepared using Marshall's Pre-Color Spray. Includes 9 assorted 1/2in. x 2in. tubes of oil color, a 1/2in. x 2in. tube of Extender, a 1-oz bottle of P.M.S., cotton and skewers. Oil colors include burnt sienna, cadmium yellow, flesh, ivory black (extra strong) , sky blue, titanium white, tree green (extra strong) , ultra blue (extra strong) and Verona brown. Marshall's Learn To Color Set is one of many Oil Paint available through Office Depot. Made by Marshall's.

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Marshall's Learn To Color Set Review

I ordered Marshall's Learn To Color Set and looks better than on images.

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