Humidifier Wick Filters Bemis BEM1044 Aftermarket

Aftermarket Bemis tabletop series wick humidifier filters with antimicrobial agent! Fits Bemis humidifier models 900-999 and 9000-9999. Measures approximately 7 1/2"""" x 7 3/4"""" x 1 1/2"""". Patented rigid support long lasting design. For best performance, replace filter twice a season. If your home suffers from dry air conditions while using a furance in the wintertime, then you probably have a Bemis humidifier. Bemis humidifiers release moist humidity back into your interior air. Bemis humidifiers are designed to work with any home situation such as the tabletop models. This Bemis replacement filter is designed to fit with tabletop models 900-999 and 9000-9999. This is also an aftermarket filter. For the maximum performance possible from your humidifier, change out your filter twice a season.

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Humidifier Wick Filters Bemis BEM1044 Aftermarket Review

Nowadays, I am still without any problem connected with Humidifier Wick Filters Bemis BEM1044 Aftermarket. Many possibilities at responsible price of 4.99

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