CCM QuickLite 270 LE Jr. Shoulder Pads

The QuickLite QLT 270 LE is a competitive shoulder pad in the latest protective line from CCM. This of course will feature the same low profile package the RBZ line has become famous for. These shoulder pads are all about mobility which is of course promoted by the lightweight foams used and construction design of the pad itself. The construction of the 270 comes from DryFoam Technology which is a closed cell foam that absorbs less sweat to allow the shoulder pads to remain lightweight and comfortable throughout the game. . The combination of VentShield and the molded EVA base are the key components in making these pads not only very protective but also contributes to the pads lightweight. VentShield is the hard perforated plastic found protecting vital organs on the front side of the shoulder pad jacket. The shoulder caps feature a low profile design made as molded PE caps. This again keeps the pad light all while offering up a high level protection. Additionally; molded PE clavicle coverage further adds to that top tier protection as it covers the collar bones. To keep the 270 secured to your body; elastic straps are used everywhere to keep that naturally contoured fit. A nice finishing touch that CCM added is a soft comfort foam pad found on both the front and back of the neck to really promote the level of comfort of these shoulder pads. The QuickLite line keeps that signature RBZ/U+CL color scheme for a really sleek looking pad. All in all; if you are looking for a pad that will keep you lightweight and mobile at a value then you have to take a look at these shoulder pads.

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CCM QuickLite 270 LE Jr. Shoulder Pads Review

Like all the CCM products, this one does not disappoint. It's more expensive than other brands, but what you get is a good solid all around additional.

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