Benzara 34688 Glass Metal Candle Holder Clear Glass Case

Candelabrum with Metal Holder Clear glass caseCandle appears to float in mid-airLooks great as a showpieceTone down your home decor from snazzy and sophisticated to more cozy and mellow with this Metal Candle Holder in a Clear Glass Case. You can create the perfect ambience for a warm romantic date by placing a lighted candle inside this candelabrum. With a metal candle holder affixed midway through the glass casei 3/4 's inside, the candle almost seems to float in mid-air creating a dreamy, mystic environment for heartfelt conversations. The clear glass case ensures that your hands doni 3/4 't burn when touching it, and also allows maximum transmission of light for a bright glow. This elegant candle holder comes with a wide base that ensures that it does not topple over, while its glass casing protects your hands or any other surface on which it is placed from molten wax. It is a perfect birthday gift too. It comes with following dimensions: 9 W x 9 D x 9 H

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Benzara 34688 Glass Metal Candle Holder Clear Glass Case Review

Something still missing. This is not my best candleholder sets.

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