Addonics DGC1 - (1:1 DVD Duplicator)

1, 2, 3! That is how easy it is to copy a DVD or a CD with the Addonics family of DigiCopier! You can copy any DVD or CD without a computer. All you need to do is place the master into the source drive located on the top of the unit and a blank media into the rest of the other drives below the source drive. Close all the drive doors and start the copying process, and within a few minutes your DVD or CD is copied.Designed to take advantage of the high performance SATA technologies, all Addonics DigiCopiers are equipped with the latest high speed SATA optical drives that are available in the market. With the additional of an eSATA hard drive, CD or DVD image can be copied onto the hard drive to use as a source. You can store as many images as needed depending on the compactly of your hard drive. Addonics DGC1 - (1:1 DVD Duplicator) is one of many Duplicators Disk/Hardware available through Office Depot. Made by Addonics.

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Addonics DGC1 - (1:1 DVD Duplicator) Review

The optical drives exceeded my expectations of high quality and style Addonics optical drives.

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