16x20x1 (15.75 x 19.75) AccumulairA (R) Platinum 1-Inch Filter (APR 1550)

AccumulairA (R) Platinum Special Features: Efficiency up to MERV 11 Electrostatic filtration 30 times more efficient than regular fiberglass filters Lasts up to 3 months Available in custom sizes Listed and rated by Underwriters Laboratories as U.L. Class 2 Made in USA The AccumulairA (R) Platinum is a superior choice for residential filtration and is a better solution for commercial use. Given an APR 1550 rating, this filter uses electrostatic filtration to remove 65-79% of air pollutants ranging in size from 1.0 microns to 3.0 microns. This means that it removes a large bulk of particles like dust mites, bacteria, pet dander, pollen, smoke, and mold spores. Though rated as a medium-efficiency filter, the AccumulairA (R) Platinum filter has special electrostatic filtration that is almost equal to that of a true HEPA filter, and it achieves a 60-65% dust spot efficiency. This feature makes the AccumulairA (R) Platinum filters 30 times more efficient than regular fiberglass filters. These filters come in many different sizes and can be custom made to fit any filter system. Construction: 100% high performance Tribo-Electric synthetic media Cotton/polymer blend micro-fibers Low resistance to airflow Does not support microbial growth Recyclable, galvanized, corrosion resistant metal backing Heavy duty construction frame The construction of the AccumulairA (R) Platinum filters is specially wrought to create higher efficiency, cleaner air, and longer-lasting filtration. These filters are constructed of a special Tribo-Electric synthetic media, which ultimately leads to higher efficiency and low resistance to air flow. Not only do the co-polymer micro-fibers help produce higher efficiency, but they are also hydrophobic, which means the filter does not absorb moisture and will not support the growth and spread of microbes like mold, mildew, bacteria, and fungi. For more dependable structure, the pleated filter media is laminated to a recyclable, galvanized, and corrosion resistant metal backing, which also contributes to low resistance to air flow. This media pack is then bonded to the inside of a two-piece, die cut frame that is constructed of a heavy duty, moisture resistant, clay coated board; designed with diagonal and horizontal grid supports, this final product produces longer, stronger durability for the filter. How It Works: All AccumulairA (R) filters are composed of an electrostatic filter media. In general, electrostatic filters are preferred over regular fiberglass filters because they are so much more efficient. The AccumulairA (R) Platinum filters take electrostatic filtration to the next level. The AccumulairA (R) Platinum filters are composed of Tribo-Electric synthetic media. This means that the filters are composed of a blend of cotton/polymer micro-fibers that have the ability to """"self-charge"""" when the two fibers, which are oppositely charged, are rubbed together. This creates a strong electric field that super-enhances the fibersTM ability to trap air pollutants, thus creating a superior filtration media. The micro-fibers are vertically needled into the material, resulting in high permeability and low resistance to air flow. The AccumulairA (R) Platinum filters come in many standard sizes, but they also can be custom made to fit virtually any filter system and rarely require modifications. The AccumulairA (R) Platinum provides superior filtration for residential use, but it also provides better filtration for industrial and commercial use. These filters are commonly used as a primary filter, but they are many times used as a pre-filter for more expensive, higher efficiency filters, such as those in a hospital, manufacturing plant, laboratory, school, etc. The special design and composition of the AccumulairA (R) Platinum filters allows them to last longer than many electrostatic filters, but it is necessary to always keep them replaced regularly. Though these filters allow for better air flow and longer-lasting filtration, eventually pollutants begin to accumulate, resulting in less electrostatic charge, less efficient filtration, and clogging. Filter life can depend on several different factors, however, including air quality, rate of airflow, and types of allergens. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the filters replaced, and they usually should be replaced every 90 days to maintain maximum output. AccumulairA (R) Platinum Removes: Fine dust particles Dust mites Bacteria Mold spores Pet dander Tobacco smoke Pollen grains Auto emission particles Lint, dirt, debris, etc. Ideal For: Anyone with poor air quality Anyone suffering from asthma, allergies, or other breathing problems Anyone looking for superior residential air quality Anyone who needs pre-filtration for higher efficiency systems

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16x20x1 (15.75 x 19.75) AccumulairA (R) Platinum 1-Inch Filter (APR 1550) Review

I love all of product from AirFilters.com. When I was buying 16x20x1 (15.75 x 19.75) AccumulairA (R) Platinum 1-Inch Filter (APR 1550) in that shop, it is on my street, there are so kind assistants. Many thanks!

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